Valuable And Victorious! It's My One Life!
Conditioning The Next Generation To Win!
My One Life Live Event:
Where Today's Young Adults Are...
To Live An Abundant Life!
"We Only Get One Life, This Is A Day That Can Change It Forever!"
Hosted by 
Scott and Shannon Stiles
April 2018

The Orpheum Theatre
200 N. Broadway Street
Wichita, KS 67202
What If Your Teenager Woke Up Each Day With The Courage To Take On Any Challenge With Unshakable Confidence And Self-Esteem? 
What could they accomplish if some of the world's greatest achievers could be their personal mentors?
What if they embraced the truth that 
their life matters in a massive way, and they lived to their full potential?
What if they faced
with the tools and confidence to overcome any of 
life's obstacles?
The World Has Changed And Life Is Not As Simple As It Once Was. The Next Generation Is Counting On Us To Show Them The Way.
The Greats Have Joined Forces 
To Give Back And Deliver 
Scott Stiles
Number 1 Fox Sports Radio Host, Co-Founder of My One Life LLC
Scott is a cut above and very used to wowing the crowd. As host of the number one morning talk show on Fox sports radio in Wichita, Kansas, the entire community is on board to see his vision to empower the next generation becoming a reality with the kick off event, My One Life LIVE! Born and raised in Ohio from a middle-class family that taught that hard work and doing what is right goes a long way in life. As a highly-awarded athlete in high school and college football, he knew sports would always be a part of his life. After breaking his back his senior year in college, Scott found a way to continue being a part of the game by becoming a football coach. He has since gone on to further heights in TV and radio to keep him tied to the game. Although Scott has always been the type of man that goes above and beyond for others, he has made it his mission to share experiences with individuals that would never have an opportunity otherwise. It is through these experiences that he helps others to see their potential within. He has guided thousands of people young and old strive to make a difference in not only their lives but others as well! He is a champion of life, surviving the highs and lows and coming out the other side to serve. He has now formed a company called My One Life LLC with the love of his life, wife Shannon, to ensure that when people are down, they don’t have to be out and they will never be overlooked!
Shannon Stiles
Radio Host of Successful Living with Shannon Stiles, 
Co-Founder of My One Life LLC, and Knowledgeable and Successful Insurance Agent
Shannon is a highly valuable insurance agent, and her brilliant mind had been used to achieving. Although she has a formal education including a college graduate, with magna cum laude honors, it was her desire to learn and self-educate that has distinguished her as an authority on human potential. She always rose to the top of every organization she worked for and was in the spotlight for overachieving. Yet her story is also a story of enduring and overcoming. As a single mom of Parker for years, struggling to ‘keep up with the Jones’’ she learned how things can change in an instant. When her 16 year-old son attempted suicide, she knew life was at a turning point and something massive must be done. “When you stare death in the eye, life stands still. The only thing that mattered was what was I going to do about it.” My One Life, has since been created to ensure that no child ever be without the proper mentorship and guidance to live their greatest potential, and so that every parent would have a teammate in the challenge of raising incredible children. The world is now diving in to be a part of this movement to elevate every life with My One Life, her heart's greatest achievement, and the place she realized what an impact she could have on young adults and their parents to never have to experience what she has. Shannon also now elevates lives of every age with her top-rated radio show called Successful Living with Shannon Stiles that airs Live every Saturday morning, where she interviews some of the world’s greatest achievers and gives them a platform to share how they have overcome adversity and the steps they have taken to live the life of their dreams. Through faith, Shannon and her husband Scott, now count themselves honored to spread the movement of life-giving information and connection to touch every life they connect with through My One Life and its Live Events!
Eric Thomas 
Master Motivator, Speaker, Author, Minister 
Eric’s spiritual walk, tenacity and integrity are the perfect examples of his quote,“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Indeed, nothing demonstrates the truest spirit of service within Eric more than his dedication to the personal success of others. This single principle remains at the very heart of everything Eric does. Of particular importance are families, students & schools. While not public knowledge, for every corporate engagement, Eric dedicates separate time to visit the local youth; both in the juvenile detention centers and those in traditional schools in the immediate and surrounding areas. Eric sees the great need that exists within underserved communities. And while he isn't able to respond to the thousands of daily requests for interventions, motivation, and direction, he is able to tackle those issues of accountability, mentorship & hope - one student, one parent, and one school - at a time.
For more information on Eric Thomas, please visit his website, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.
Elizabeth Galvan
First Amputee Figure Competitor/Model/Motivational Speaker 
Former 2013 Miss. ND Supreme Model Runway & 1st Runner up Dream Girls USA Nationals
Born and raised in Fargo, ND, at the age of 3 Elizabeth became deaf and also lost her arm up to the elbow from a wringer washing machine accident. She graduated from North Dakota School for the Deaf in Devils Lake, ND. and attended college at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  Throughout childhood, she played basketball, volleyball, and track. Elizabeth was involved in a teen beauty pageant and won 3 trophies in Teen Spirit, Best Talent, and Miss Photogenic. She became a certified lifeguard during her High School years. Throughout childhood, she fought many struggles, frustrations, and obstacles to prove people wrong, turning "I can't" into "I can" every chance she got. 
She has shown people from her adolescence into adulthood that her "I can" spirit is truly inspirational. Today Elizabeth is a proud mother to a beautiful daughter and her adventures continue to educate others to accept differences, and to see their own abilities instead of inabilities. She is going to complete her 1st competition of figure bodybuilding in the upcoming spring of 2018 and is also launching her modeling career.
Danelle Delgado
CEO, International Business Mogul
Elite Coach and Trainer for World's Top Entrepreneurs 
She was once a small town gal from Colorado, teaching middle schoolers how to live their best life and loving every minute of it. As life evolved she was forced to rewrite her story. A life-shattering divorce left her as a single mom, with 3 tiny children, working three jobs, struggling to survive. Over the past several years she has become one of the greatest stories of rising from the ashes and has catapulted to one of the top female training experts in the world. She has had the honor of mentoring some of the world’s top performers as the CEO of Life Intended and is overjoyed at the opportunity to pause from traveling the world’s stages and join forces with MY One Life, to come back to her roots and train the next generation in Wichita with the Stiles family. “Look out families, there is no way you will be in her presence and not be forever transformed.”
Duane Smith
Teen Empowerment Coach, Entrepreneur
Duane Smith has risen from the ashes, overcoming hardships and escalating to greatness, and this powerhouse is ensuring that every young adult, youth, and parent he comes into contact with be left with a whole new appreciation for life and an affinity for advancement. "No one can afford to miss his message!" 
Hard-working entrepreneur by day and night, running a highly successful trucking company and teen empowerment coach all other hours and moments in between, Duane will wow the stage with the energy, personal story, and humor that will light the entire audience from the inside-out.  
He lives and breathes his personal mantra, "Two things to live by:
Never back down to your fears, and never do anything that you wouldn't like to be broadcast to the world." 
Helen Callier
Small Business Advocate, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Helen Callier loves business and is branded as a small business advocate. She shares her real life and business experiences in a practical manner using stories, analogies, and insightful tips. Helen has impacted thousands of small businesses through her conference keynotes,industry panels,coaching sessions and in 2016, through a multi-city tour speaking in cities including Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Shreveport, LA, Omaha, NE and many more. Helen has encouraged small businesses across the State of Texas and is scheduled to speak in Houston, San Antonio and Beaumont, TX later this year. 
Helen holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University within the Texas A&M University System and is the best selling author of “Your Money is in the Follow-up”. She is also President of Bradlink LLC, a Technical Services Firm that serves primarily government organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Callier has received many business awards and recognitions including the 2017 Women in Transportation Rosa Parks Diversity Award, being featured as a small business success story by SBA Administrator Linda McMahonon the first ever March 22, 2017 #SBDCDay, the 2016 SBA Houston District Women Business Champion Award, being appointed in 2016 by Governor Abbott to a 5 year term as Commissioner of Texas State Commission of Licensing and Regulation, the 2015 MWDBE of the Year award from Government Procurement Connections (GPC), and serving as keynote speaker for 2015 State of Texas HUB Expo. Also, Callier was one of five small business owners recognized in the NFL SuperBowl 51 Official Commemorative Magazine. She is a contributing small business blogger on and Subcontractors USA. She is a graduate of the SBA Emerging Leaders Program and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. This National program
is funded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation and supported by Warren Buffet to help small businesses to grow and create jobs.
This Team Will Deliver The Skills You Need To Live Your Best Life, Everyday!
Students (Ages 12 and Up) And Their Families Will Come Together To:
  • Build Unshakable Confidence And Self-Esteem
  • Develop Skills To Overcome Any Life Challenge
  • Gain Vision For Their Lives And Futures
  • Realize Their Full Potential And Step Into Their Greatness
Every Student, Every Person, And Every Family
 Will Leave Equipped To Live Big Everyday!
    Conditioning The Next Generation To Win!
    The Next Generation Needs The Truth, The Skills, And The Answers For How To Live Big And Reach Their Greatest Potential. 


    One Day CAN & WILL Change Your Life Forever!
    “This event is drawing attention from the most driven leaders in our area and on a global scale. I would never let my kids or our family miss an opportunity to connect with them and elevate, together!” – Kerri-Ann Tobin, Business Owner
    "This event will also be the missing link families have been longing for as we will share tools for building healthy family environments and strategies to connect and communicate effectively. " Danelle Delgado, International Business Mogul, Elite Coach & Trainer
    "You will not want to miss this opportunity to light up your life with guidance from the greats who have overcome, achieved and are ready to empower you to do the same!"
    “MY ONE LIFE live events are the talk of the season, the world has been waiting for someone to step up and take the lead for our future generations – THIS IS IT and with the perfect team. Scott and Shannon Stiles are the epitome of excellence and overcoming hurdles as a family to win big in life. Is it September 16th yet?”
    Event Schedule
    9:30 am - Doors Open
    10:00 am – 1:00 pm - Morning Session
    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm - Lunch Break - Included In Ticket Price
    2:00 pm – 6:00 pm - Afternoon Session
    6 pm - Meet And Greet

    Pricing And Hotel Information
    VIP Seating: $129
      Adult: $79
    Youth (17 & Under): $49
    All Tickets Include Full Day Of Training And Lunch

    All Guests Are Welcome To Stay At The Ambassador Hotel In Downtown Wichita.  
    Please Mention Code "My One Life" When Booking To Receive The Discounted Group Rate. 
    Conditioning The Next Generation To Win!
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